1. Energy Medicine Sessions
    Energy Medicine Sessions
  2. Shadow Integration
    Shadow Integration
  3. Empowerment

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Elise is a master-certified Energy Medicine practitioner of two different lineages, though her studies and love of Nature and the Mystic began with the influence of her grandfather when she was very young. According to the unique needs of each client, Elise blends techniques of Reiki; QiGong/meridian specific touch; Luminous Healing; Laika Shamanism; and coaching/consulting/mentoring in person and remotely. In addition to her own practice, Elise greatly enjoys teaching for the Healing the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society, said to be the world's leading institute in Energy Medicine. Elise’s foundation is her practice in meditation, including Tonglen; Vipassana; Dzogchen; and various forms of movement arts, including yoga and Tai Chi, which she feels have been profound essential teachers of energy movement, stillness, and the mysterious space in between.... 
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