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"There is no road. ...it is made by walking." (Antonio Machado)
Elise has been studying Stones since childhood. She grew up with a fascination for Nature and developed a deep relationship with the world of stones and color. After six years in University, (double major in Psychology and Philosophy), Elise began creating artistic adornments with specific intentions based on the premise of how cultures throughout the world and time have used Sacred Adornment to help bring us into more balanced ways of being.
Elise has been hand-heart creating artistic adornment for two decades and crafts custom pieces for her collectors to support their process of self-expression, expansion, courtship rituals, initiation, and anything else they desire to dream into.
Elise’s Art Medicine Adornment is a weaving of natural world medicine with people who choose to carry that energy and breathe it back into the world – creating greater harmony between us and what we perceive as “other” or “out there,” resulting in a deepening of ourselves, our thoughts, our actions – perhaps we stand up straighter, shoulders back, head tall, eyes fearless, heart open open open ~ ~ ~
Elise carefully and consciously hand selects each stone, strand, talisman, treasure made by crafters in Tibet, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Vienna, various cultures throughout Africa, and many more including Native American and other North and South American artworks.
To have a custom piece created for you to celebrate this part of your journey, to initiate your transition or bring you deeper into the embodiment and empowerment of your actualization process, please contact Elise for information as to how to proceed :: the options are infinte!
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