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  1. ~ Energy Medicine ~
    “Due to the sessions with Elise, I am on the path of recovery. Her direction and guidance have shown me the way. She accomplished what modern technology could not. I am stronger, healthier, and able to resume my life again.” - S.N. : Weaver
  2. ~ Energy Medicine ~
    “Elise tuned into my mental, physical and spiritual needs. She facilitated a balancing of my mind, body and spirit. Her healing sessions are creative, individualized, and intuitive. She creates healing experiences that are finely tuned to the journey of the individual. I felt a huge shift in my healing process after she worked on me.” - C.L. : Teacher
  3. ~ Adornment ~
    "Elise has a rare, great gift in creating jewelry with clear and deep intention, and of such substance and extraordinary beauty that her clients treasure each adornment they are privileged to have. I am fortunate to be able to wear numerous of Elise's creations, made for me personally. Wearing Elise's jewelry is a mindset in itself, requiring her clients to fully embody their own natural inner radiance, and to understand that beauty is important to soul well-being." - Connor Sauer : LMT, NCBTMB, CM
  4. ~ Adornment ~
    "Again and again, when I've shifted to a new level in my life, a different way of seeing, a new piece from Elise shows up as well, marking my passage. The best pieces are the one's she's consciously made for me -- she has a way of drawing out what's fresh ... new ... where I am now. Elise has a deep understanding of so many aspects of the feminine -- gentle maiden, powerful goddess, warrior -- and this understanding shows through in her different lines. There's just a specialness that perhaps shouldn't be defined. Hers are simply my favorite pieces, chosen over and over." - A.A. : Artist, Entrepreneur
  5. ~ Energy Medicine ~
    "I believe that we all are in a state of constant transformation, in my case because of my accident my transformation became radical to say the least. In the early days I knew that I would need some help in keeping the demons of despair and depression at bay, I also knew that I would need help in waking up nerve centers and creating new pathways so that energy could once again flow though my body. Elise you were and still are part of the journey that I find myself on, because of your skills and your gentle power I find that I'm able to direct energy to areas of my body. You are the best person that I've worked with for that. We thank the universe for who you are and we are blessed for having you in our lives." ~ Dan
  6. ~ Energy Medicine ~
    "Healing is a skill and an art, so I'm discerning and selective about who I see for healing. Elise masters both. Elise brings a keen sense of balance and integrity to each session. She blends wisdom with compassion, skillful means with artistic grace, training with intuition, courage with kindness, and the mystical with the practical. Clients walk away clearer, more grounded, and connected to their own inner strength, compassion, and wisdom. Elise is not just a healer and an artist ~ she's a Gift." -Diana Dokos: www.TrustinFlow.com
  7. ~ Ceremony ~
    “Feathers, rattles, stones, crystals – these are the tools Elise uses in turning the chakras, traveling the meridians, making space inside your mind and your body. I loved it! … It was immediately an experience of great space of body and mind, of consciousness. Connections were faster, cleaner, and sharper. …like a car having its points and plugs changed. Being in the right place at the right time prevailed.” ~ A.T: TaiQi teacher
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